Strata is the backbone of the Headwall Suite of Tools. Strata is a fully configurable mixed reality workstation allowing users to work spatially with streaming video, surveillance cameras, browser content, local desktop windows, ArcGIS maps, and BIM data from one single work station. Strata can be deployed on a variety of XR hardware platforms including Varjo, HTC Vive, Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro.

Granite is a licensable feature of Strata enabling API level integration with Genetec, Milestone or other VMS’s, enabling lightweight deployment and footprint for SOC personnel.

Topaz is a licensable feature of Strata, streaming of 360 video referenced to GPS coordinates on tactical networks. Ideal for unmanned operations or physical security, Topaz is ready for deployments in any environment.

Innovative feature SET

Virtual reality can offer several advantages over a physical command center, including:

-Cost savings: Building and maintaining a physical command center can be expensive, whereas a VR command center can be set up and accessed remotely, reducing costs.
-Flexibility: VR allows users to easily switch between different virtual environments, such as simulations or mock-ups, whereas a physical command center may be limited to a single location and function.
-Immersion: VR can provide a more immersive experience for users, allowing them to interact with virtual environments in a more natural way than with a traditional interface.
-Data visualization: VR can help users to better understand and analyze large amounts of data by displaying it in a more intuitive and interactive way.

How it’s deployed:

Headwall integrators add a modicum of hardware to an existing command center or future command center build. This hardware sends IP-packetized video to Headwall endpoints.
Headwall end points are configured to receive and display those signals in a game engine environment. Once the physical command center is set up for Headwall, virtually infinite endpoints can be added at low cost.