Headwall allows users to deploy command center capabilities in the compact form factor of a VR or XR headset. Headwall combines a proprietary video processing software with a hardware control API.

The video processing allows Headwall to ingest and display large amounts of visual data, up to eight 4k 60fps streams. The hardware control API, if enabled, allows for bilateral control of the command center environment. This means video routes made in the vr environment can be reflected in the physical command center, surveillance cameras can be panned, tilted and zoomed, and KVM functionality is available.

How it’s deployed:

Headwall integrators add a modicum of hardware to an existing command center or future command center build. This hardware sends IP-packetized video to Headwall endpoints.

Headwall end points are configured to receive and display those signals in a game engine environment. Once the physical command center is set up for Headwall, virtually infinite endpoints can be added at low cost.