Headwall builds software tools that transform a mixed reality headset into a fully functional command center. Headwall’s flagship product is the Strata Command Center Suite. Strata is an expansive digital workspace without the need for large physical screens or the complex hardware typically associated with traditional command centers and knowledge walls.


Headwall’s Strata software suite affords operators two main benefits, the ability to shrink command center deployment footprint, cost and timeline, and the ability to visualize 3D data in its true format. 

Footprint: A Strata command center seat can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional command center while maintaining the original signal architecture and security posture. Headwall helps users eliminate long contracting cycles, construction projects and helps them by gaining flexibility and speed in deployment. 

3D Visualization: Headwall’s integration with ArcGIS and other GIS tools allow operators to visualize data in the proper context with the proper dimension. Visualizing surveillance camera positions and lines of sight, building elevations, and vehicle positions is fast and intuitive in a 3D environment.

the process

Headwall engineers have been building physical command centers for decades. This work includes 24/7 mission critical watch floors for the US Military, Financial Industry and Civilian Emergency Response communities.

Integrating Headwall into existing operations begins with a consultation with our solutions engineering team to gather requirements and analyze existing infrastructure. The Headwall team then produces a design encompassing all technical requirements and physical hardware and develops a program of requirements for the full functionality of Headwall. The Headwall team of project managers guides the deployment and 24/7 support ensures the highest level of reliability for mission critical applications.

new command centers

The team behind Headwall can interface with your design team to expand your systems capabilities to extend to VR/AR functionality. There is no better time to implement Headwall than when in the design development phase of a new command center.

Headwall Screenshot


Headwall can work either as an exact virtual copy of your existing real world command center or as an independently configurable workspace blending spatial information such as lidar scans or GIS mapping with real-time sensor data and live video feeds.


Headwall features a comprehensive API that integrates seamlessly with your existing control system. Nearly any feature you have in the real world can be duplicated in Headwall. The Headwall API is open and configurable for maximum flexibility.


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