September 6, 2022

Headwall wins Phase 1 and Best-In-Class honors in the NIST CommanDING Tech Challenge

Headwall wins Phase 1 and Best-In-Class honors in the NIST CommanDING Tech Challenge

Headwall enables command and control capabilities for remote operators

BELTSVILLE, MD, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / -- Headwall is pleased to announce that our technology has been down selected from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and acknowledged as the Best-In-Class-VR Application in the NIST CommanDING Tech Challenge- Command Dashboard Integrating Next-Gen Technology Challenge for Public Safety.

About the NIST CommanDING Tech Challenge

Emergency situations are complicated, time-sensitive, and demanding events. An effective public safety response requires naming a commander, allocating resources, mapping the area of impact, tracking individuals and objects, identifying areas of concern, and more.

Through the CommanDING Tech Challenge, PSCR is hoping to improve the quality and usability of incident command dashboards. The challenge is looking to improve existing dashboards and also provides an opportunity for new entries into the field.

PSCR is looking for dashboards that improve public safety officials’ ability to respond to emergencies through effective user interfaces and user experiences, the ability to work with data input from sensors and video streams, and the ability to locate both stationary and mobile sensors in 3-D space.

This challenge will bring together first responders, video analytics professionals, public safety experts, and contestants to advance the quality and availability of Incident Command Dashboards for public safety.

"Headwall is honored to be selected to continue on in this challenge to help first responders with immersive technology. We cannot wait to begin working directly with public safety officials who need immersive command center capabilities" said Geoff Bund, Headwall CEO.

Headwall is a software company that allows for a digital twin of a command center to be deployed in a virtual reality headset. Headwall empowers the people who respond to the world’s most urgent crises with the tools they need to work fast and effectively. Headwall places secure video feeds, data visualization, and real world hardware control into an immersive environment. In situations that demand rapid decision making, Headwall delivers situational awareness at point of need.

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