October 31, 2023

Advanced Data Visualization for Autonomous Systems in Mining and Heavy Industry

Headwall Inc. presents the Granite Software Suite designed for heavy industry and mining. Granite Operations Center offers a groundbreaking solution for immersive and interactive real-time data visualization through Extended Reality (XR) technology. The white paper outlines the features, benefits, and potential applications of Granite Operations Center, including the integration of command center operations with drones and unmanned systems, and the synergy between Granite and Topaz for security and monitoring. The Granite Software Suite promises enhanced security, operational efficiency, and a roadmap for future innovations in the industry.


The heavy industry and mining sectors have consistently been at the forefront of adopting technological innovations. The Granite Software Suite by Headwall emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a seamless integration of real-time data visualization through Extended Reality (XR) technology. This white paper delves into the features, benefits, and potential applications of the Granite Operations Center, emphasizing its transformative potential for operations personnel across industrial landscapes including integration of command center operations with drones and unmanned systems.

1. Introduction: Advanced Data Visualization in Industry

Heavy industry and mining operations have always thrived on accurate data. As these sectors evolve, the sheer volume and complexity of data have increased exponentially. Traditional data visualization methods are proving inadequate, necessitating a shift towards more immersive and interactive solutions.

2. Granite Operations Center: An Overview

At the core of the Granite Software Suite is the Granite Operations Center. This platform is specially designed to provide operations personnel with access to an unparalleled range of video, visual information, sensor data, and map details, all from a single standalone XR headset.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Streaming Video Integration: Supports standard formats and protocols.
  • Integrated Web Access: Provides real-time data access, including dashboards and web-based security applications.
  • Advanced 3D Mapping Capabilities: Allows users to import, configure, and manipulate 3D maps, linking video feeds to real-world locations.
  • Autonomous vehicle toolset integration through Topaz

3. Deployment and Connectivity

Granite is engineered for effortless deployment via Android .apk or Windows .exe. ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. With its ability to connect to a wireless access point, the Granite Operations Center facilitates instant command center setup wherever a network is accessible.

Users can configure dashboards themselves or as part of a professional services bundle provided by Headwall or a 3rd party certified integrator. Granite allows customization of one or more tailored workspaces that blend realtime video, sensors, maps and web dashboards. These workspaces can be defined by the individuals using them.

4. Real-world Applications and Benefits

The Granite Operations Center offers a wealth of real-world applications and advantages for heavy industry operators. These benefits extend across various departments, encompassing security, operations, and management functions.

  • Surveillance and Security: With Granite's ability to reference video feeds to real-world locations, it offers enhanced surveillance capabilities, especially beneficial for large areas or facilities.
  • Operational Efficiency: By providing a 3D representation of the site, Granite assists in optimizing routes for equipment, identifying potential hazards, and ensuring smoother operations.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: The immersive visualization ensures that decision-makers have a comprehensive understanding of on-ground realities, leading to better-informed strategies.
  • Drone team command and control: Have unprecedented awareness of automated robot teams with Topaz.

5. Topaz

Topaz stands out as a premier drone control and visualization platform tailored for security needs. Designed to complement the Granite Software Suite and offered as an extended module, Topaz offers real-time drone management, ensuring optimal surveillance coverage, safety protocols, and precise data capture.

Key Features of Topaz:

  • Real-time Drone Tracking: Enables security teams to monitor the exact location, status, and operational health of every drone in their fleet.
  • Integrated Visualization: Drone video directly into the Granite XR environment, provides security personnel with immediate access to surveillance insights.
  • 360 video provides comprehensive realtime situational awareness

6. Synergy between Granite and Topaz: Elevating Security

The convergence of Granite and Topaz provides security teams with a comprehensive surveillance and monitoring tool. Granite's immersive XR environment ensures security personnel can visualize complex datasets, while Topaz guarantees that operators have an immersive and comprehensive view of robot vantage points.

Benefits of this synergy:

  • Comprehensive Surveillance: Merges aerial drone perspectives with ground-level data for a 360-degree security overview.
  • Rapid Response: Provides real-time insights enabling security teams to act promptly to any anomalies or threats.
  • Unified Security Platform: A singular solution for all data visualization and drone surveillance needs, streamlining the workflow and enhancing the efficacy of security protocols.

6. Conclusion

The Granite Software Suite stands as a testament to the transformative potential of XR technology in heavy industry and mining operations. As sectors that have historically been quick to adapt to technological advancements, the integration of a solution like Granite promises not only enhanced security and operational efficiency but also a roadmap for future innovations.

Would you like to learn more? Let's transform your operations with Granite and Topaz.

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